First Holy Night 2007 ~ Solitude & Intimacy


In my solitude
I drink deeply of soul,
I go to the source and I am filled...

My aloneness
is where I find the earth beneath my feet,
and the beat of my heart
to carry me through the twists and turns
of life...

In knowing myself
every changing,
I can dance with others
letting their love
and laughter,
tears and visions of the world
move with me,
coloring the beauty found
in everyday living...

This feast of friendship,
this intimacy of self and other
becoming trees in the forest,
dappled in shade and light,
where life flourishes
and grows

in all ways precious...

Photo: Solitude candle in the heart space of the labyrinth.

First Holy Night of Inner Christmas
with Lynn Jericho


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