Second Holy Night 2007 ~ Desire & Fulfillment


Desire and Fulfillment
in and out of the ballroom,
in and out of the light
of the full December moon
and carry me more fully
into this place of knowing
the way home…

is my true compass north…
With every yearning,
with every wish,
I discover where my heart is leading me…

Fulfillment comes
when I drink deeply of what is,
turning into the river of life,
allowing past desires that have come into fruition
to be enjoyed,
brought close to my heart
in an ever widening awareness
of the abundance
that is always
in the palm of my hand…

Each fulfillment
births a desire,
each desire grows fulfillment,
and the garden is full of fragrant flowers
that bloom,
even in Winter…

Second Holy Night of Inner Christmas
with Lynn Jericho


Lynn's Blog on the Twelve Holy Nights of Inner Christmas

Today marks my one year anniversary of blogging!!! Thank you everyone who comes and visits, seen and unseen! I love receiving your comments, and if you just visit with no words left behind, why, that fills my heart as well! I am so grateful for all these weavings of connections, bringing us around the world together... it is a gift beyond measure...