Fifth Holy Night 2007 ~ Freedom and Lawfulness


Oh the freedom
that breathed through my being
the day I left the rigid rules and regulations
I’d imposed upon my body and psyche
along the road,
way back there where the bend
happens near the dark wood…

You will still find structure,
organic and bendable
allowing my spirit to move
in and around,
feeling the limits and places to stretch
into potentials hereto unknown…

My body delights
in all the ways we now can dance,
move and rest,
find silence,
create in all ways becoming known,
the divine in each breath
then released,
stepping between
and through the pillars
of freedom and lawfulness…


Fifth Holy Night of Inner Christmas
with Lynn Jericho


Lynn's Blog on the Twelve Holy Nights of Inner Christmas

Photo: Steps to the mansion of imagination...
Longcross Hotel, Trelights, Port Isaac, Cornwall, England.