Sixth Holy Night 2007 ~ Warming and Cooling


This morning...
in my dance practice
I noticed how I move in and out
of warming and cooling...

Emotions flare, flame, and ignite...
as I move my body,
following my breath,
a cooling happens
and the fire of my passion
begins to meld into the shape of my feet,
my hands
and the beat of my heart...

And then...
the music changes...
I am frozen,
nothing moves in this land of ice...
I reach for the next breath
and the heat of my heart
begins a slow thaw...
a warming
as muscle fibers stretch
and begin to twirl,
and cascade into a melting steam
of self and other
moving as one...
we begin again...


Sixth Holy Night of Inner Christmas
with Lynn Jericho


Lynn's Blog on the Twelve Holy Nights of Inner Christmas

Photo: beginning art piece of warming and cooling... watercolor, sea salt, acrylic, and pearlescence, so far...