Twelfth Holy Night 2007-2008 ~ Certainty & Doubt


For this final twelfth night, Lynn invited us to see how we could marry certainty and doubt in our souls…

When I looked, I was surprised to find that Certainty and Doubt had been married for a very long time! And they have many children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren!

Their first born is Self Esteem… the twins followed soon after, Confidence and Laughter… then there was a whole string of dancers, artists, and mathematicians, followed by Comfort, Compassion, Wildness… and the youngest Passion, but she was born almost full grown and ready to meet the world with her first breath!!!

Certainty and Doubt have been retired for a long time now and delight in watching the grandchildren and great grandchildren grow… But every once in awhile, Doubt gets a little cranky and winds up the old tapes (you heard some of them playing yesterday!!!) That’s when Certainty moves her hips in just that special way and before you know it, Certainty and Doubt have changed the cassette player to a well-worn familiar waltz and they dance and dance, until you would never be able to guess their age or prior occupations…

They are well loved... and bring balance and freedom in their union... and they make life a little more easy to navigate, especially around those bends in the road that you don't always know are coming... Theirs was a marriage made in heaven, on earth...

Twelfth Holy Night of Inner Christmas
with Lynn Jericho



Lynn's Blog on the Twelve Holy Nights of Inner Christmas