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Over The Horizon...

When I was in my early twenties...
I had the opportunity
to fly to Europe on a private jet.
During the flight
the pilots invited me
to come and sit in the cockpit...
Even though I had flown many times before,
it was the first time I saw the Earth's horizon,
the rounded curvature of the Earth...
In that moment,
my world expanded
and what had not been possible to fathom before,
was there stretched out before me
in a beautiful arch and I was awed...
It reminds me of my desire for this New Year...
that my world,
this new horizon,
become bigger
and at the same time,
more simple...



This ground,
this earth
holds me
like a mother
deep within her arms…
Like a father’s shoulders,
a mountain kissing
the sky…
This ground,
this earth,
holds me like a lover,
taking me places
I’ve never been
where the soft round curves
of my body
nestle into gravity
pulling me to the center of my heart
where I fall into myself
finding all things that matter
beneath my hands and feet
as my body melts into
divine motion,
a stillness profound,
a breathing
in and out
of being…
This ground,
this earth
is this moment of remembering…

© "Over The Horizon & Earth" ~ Writers Island

Photos: Earth orb, outside and inside
Earth Poem inspired by my Soul Motion dance practice

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