The Ice Queen & The Bloglandia Polar Festival

there was an Ice Queen...


Long, long ago
in the silver of the night moon,
she lost her heart
and a sliver of ice nested into the empty space...


and hardened
and grew...


and became colder and colder,
as all the world
went to sleep
beneath a blanket of snow and ice...


Long was her reign
of loneliness...


No sleep,
no waking,
no laughing nor dreaming,
for she had forgotten
all things green,
and lovely...

one day,
not so long ago...
The ice queen noticed
that the sky was a different shade of blue,
no longer just indigo,
but shades of cerulean, azure,
and a deepening periwinkle...

And in that moment...
The Ice Queen heard a sound
that she had long forgotten...
The giggles and laughter of a baby,
And she turned towards
this music and the ice in her heart melted


as did her crown of ice...


as she raised her arms in delight...


of all things radiant...
found only in shadows...

And the heavens reached down to the earth
and clothed her in rich fabrics and furs,
for her skin could finally feel the cold of winter...


and for the first time,
in ever so long,
this woman of oh so many experiences,
stepped back into life...


Leaving footprints of spring flowers
in her every step she took...


Photos: Doll, original, vintage Barbie from my childhood collection~ Clothing, hand-made by my maternal grandmother over forty years ago~ Violets and Narcissus from our garden.

Bloglandia Polar Festival Hosted by our beloved Elizabeth Bunsen/eb ~ Be~Dream~Play. Please visit her site for more links to other Snow Queens, Party Animals, Polar Parade and blogs of wonder!!!