Santa Rosa Labyrinth ~ Eleven Years Today!

I can hardly believe that the Santa Rosa Labyrinth is eleven years old today... That morning seems like yesterday, and yet so much has happened in the time since those eight concentric circles revealed this beautiful seven~path labyrinth that has now been made all around the world and graces our backyard...

I can not think of a better birth day tribute to the Santa Rosa Labyrinth, than the article in this March issue of the American Psychological Association Journal.


This spring, the APA headquarters in Washington, D.C. is installing a rooftop garden and the Santa Rosa Labyrinth will be the focus of this space and the beginning movement to transform acres of cement rooftops into green environments.

On p. 62, in the section devoted to "Curbing Climate Change," is the following article, written by Sara Martin, Editor of the APA Monitor of the American Psychological Association.


Restoring nature's footprint: APA is installing a rooftop garden that will provide ecological and psychological benefits.

These green rooftops are a collaborative effort to curb and prevent the pollution in local waterways, conserve energy, as well as provide an oasis for visitors and employees.

Sara writes, "For its green roof, APA will use a labyrinth design known as the Santa Rosa Labyrinth, conceived by psychologist Lea Goode-Harris, Ph.D.

Although the origins fo the labyrinth are a mystery- the first is estimated to have been built 3,000 to 5,000 years ago- its social and psychological benefits are clear, says Goode-Harris.

'When you walk in the company of other people from different views, different religions, and different political agendas, you're all on the same path, but you move through seeing different points of views,' she says. 'I can see that as especially important in a city like D.C. where there are so very many factions that can come together.'"

I am so pleased that the heart my doctoral research will be used in this way. It makes me happy beyond belief.


Happy Birth Day Santa Rosa Labyrinth...

You have brought me such joy and have held me oh so well, as I learn each and every day how to step more fully into life, following the path of my heart...

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