American Psychological Association's Santa Rosa Labyrinth in Wahington DC

At the invitation of the American Psychological Association (APA)
on the weekend of the Fall Equinox, 2008
my husband and I traveled to Washington DC...

We attended the evening dedication ceremony,
where I spoke on the significance of the labyrinth
and my Santa Rosa design
installed on the new APA Green Roof garden
on the building that houses the national headquarters
of The World Resource Institute,
and organization for creating green workspaces
as well as finding ways to protect the earth and improve people’s lives.

This beautiful installation has many purposes.
Funded by the TKF Foundation and Chesapeake Bay Foundation,
this green roof utilizes GreenGrid® roofing,
and some of the benefits are: restoring the original green footprint of the building,
which cuts down on the heating and cooling costs of the entire building,
reduces the rooftop heat, purifies and collects runoff water,
and provides a space for employees and visitors
to take a break from work in a beautiful environment.


 photo M. Mitchell, APA


During construction...

 Photo M. Michel,l APA

with final pavers laid...

 Photo M. Michel,l APA

the Santa Rosa Labyrinth emerges...
surrounded by GreenGrid® trays of mature Alpine plants
in minimal soil that can survive extreme hot and cold,
drought and days of rain & snow,
and are easily moved for changes, repairs, and maintenance...

I stand at the centre...

And look out over the heart~space...

directly in line
with the US Capital building...

Then... stand back and watch visitors
of the evening event
enjoy the new labyrinth and gardens...

with the signature recycled pickle barrel bench of the TKF Foundation
at the side of the labyrinth which houses a weather~proof journal
for visitors to record their labyrinth walking
and contemplative experiences...

This completed project was the fifth of eight proposed green rooftops
for the Washington DC area by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation,
and is open to the public during business hours.
Rooftop design and construction
was done by Farrand & English and DC Greenworks.

From the heart of Santa Rosa to the heart of Washington DC
it is my hope that this path will bring joy, beauty,
and a greater awareness and appreciation to the diversity
found in the twists and turns
in the path of life...

Photos: Construction photos by Michael Mitchell, CFM, Director of Administrative Services at the American Psychological Association; first photo is of the statue of Grief (also known as America) weeping on the shoulder of History with the US Capitol dome in the background.


American Psychological Association

World Resource Institute

TKF Foundation

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

TKF bench logo and title
of their newly released book
on creating beautiful places
co-authored by Tom Stoner and Carolyn Rapp.

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