This Red Thread...


Threads of red
weave my wrist
and settle,
into the palm of my hand...
to the women,
mothers daughters sisters
grandmothers aunties
bountiful wisdom
in space and time
singing in my heart
as I sit in Fall,
the cool, foggy morning
wrapping around me…
this portal,
this path home
winding with this red thread
into life…

Photo: Saffron threads in my hand from the saffron crocus blooming in our Fall garden... red thread on my wrist from the Cosmic Cowgirls Bountiful Conference with Shilo Sophia McCloud; Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy~aka SARK, Caterina Rondo, Dori Etter, Mary MacDonald, Caren McCloud, Sue Hoyas Sellars; and all the amazing women who attended!

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