Cats & Birds

We are just home from my first trip to Spain...

Such beauty and history,
so many stories and experiences to share...


n the amazing pools and gardens,
beneath soaring arches of the Alhambra, Grenada,
I found these two cats...


Be sure to look close to see the ever circling birds...


Those birds...
had the number for those cats...


I finally figured out how to catch the birds in flight...
but could not capture the gymnastic leaps, twists,
and turns of the cats!!!


But in their hopeful stillness,
I did get their reflections and the moment
before flash movement,
that was ever fruitless!

Birds ~ 100
Cats ~ 0

P.S. Thanks to those of you who voted for my cousins candy and ice cream store in Bakersfield... the results will be in on December 20th!

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