Happy New Year! & Dewar's Is In The Final Two!!!

Happy New Year to my Bloglandia Friends!
All of you sweeten my life so...

and speaking of sweets...
my cousin's candy store ~ Dewar's...
has made it to the final two
of what is the Greatest Thing About Bakersfield !!!!


So one more time...
would you please...


you have no idea how much your vote counts!
Please do so by midnight of January 4th, 2009!!!!


My cousins, Heather & Michael, and their mom, my Aunt Rosina, were so tickled to have votes come in from around the world! And they've heard from many who live far away who voted because they so love this fourth generation candy store!!!!


And if you leave me a comment that you voted by midnight, California time on January 4th, I will make a drawing out of those comments on January 5th, and send you a box of those peanut butter chews no matter where you live!

Photos: Dewar's Peanut Butter Chews in my antique candy dish that belonged to my beloved Grandmother set in our frosted meadow on a crisp December morning in Sonoma County, California...

Don't forget... you can order directly from Dewar's by clicking HERE!

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