Three IS Better Than One!

The official voting is over...
But it is fact that my cousin's candy store, Dewar's,
made it to the final two of the Greatest Thing About Bakersfield!!!

So when I went to draw names for a box of Dewar's chews from my comments I thought,
why one? Why not three names????

So with the names all rolled up like little candy bits themselves...

My step-son Orin, who is home for a month from France,
lent me his razor sharp attention and precision as official name picker...


Into the heart space of our labyrinth, the names went...


No Orin, not a chew, a name please!!!

The first name is...


Bev from Colorado!!!!

The second name is...


Why look at this! Tesa from Sonoma, California!!!!

and last but not least, the third name is...


Robin!!! from Israel!!!
Who could use some sweetness coming her way from everyone right now!

So there they are... Bev, Tesa, & Robin!!!


OK Orin, you've earned your reward!


Thank you everyone for coming by and wishing my cousins and Dewar's
good luck in making it this far and being recognized as finalists in the Greatest Thing About
Bakersfield!!! They have so enjoyed seeing names from all over the US and from around the world!

The results will be made known at the end of the month!