Worth Our Weight

We have something really special in Santa Rosa...

Worth Our Weight...


A culinary institute that has apprenticeships geared towards young people and young adults who need a little extra assistance to get a start in the world... these are youth who have had to overcome extraordinary challenges in their young lives... WOW provides them with a training program in the art of cooking and serving that gives them the experience of what it is like to learn how to work, have responsibilities, how to be part of a community, learning skills that will carry them in to life no matter what they decide to do...

Just this past Christmas, WOW provided over 500 meals for families who had no means of having a Christmas meal.... Many adults in our community donated items and their time to WOW, as these lovely ladies in the pic below!


Everyone needs to eat... to be able to learn how to cook, to serve others, and to eat together at a community table which sets in motion a whole new way of living for these young people, taking these skills and lessons and setting a foundation of stability for the years to come.


The amazing Evelyn Cheatem (second from the left in the pic above), who I love dearly, is the mastermind of this incredible program. Her devotion to young people and our community is incredible. She is an inspiration and has a heart that gives from the depths of her being...


Students in the apprentiship program are taken on field trips to learn about the organic nature of food, cooking with produce grown locally. Evelyn says that within two weeks, kids loose their taste for fast food, especially when they make and eat food that is fresh and delicious...


Stopping by for Friday or Saturday Lunch, or Sunday Brunch is a must to taste the delicious food that WOW creates... When stoping by for a meal, Evelyn has introduced the community table. At their lovely restaurant and cooking facility, you can sit privately, or at a large table with others. The menu changes regularly with the seasons and what is available from our local farmers. Payment is by donation. WOW also does catering!


Thank you Evelyn for being of service to our community 365 days of the year! You and WOW are treasures that we so appreciate!

orth Our Weight is located at 1021 Hahman Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95405 Phone: 707-544-1200
website: Click Here