From My Heart to Yours & Congratulations to my Sweet Cousins!

This heart...
beating to the tune of loving life...


rejoices in your being...


 a joy to me as we share this path,
this journey into life...

And ... What better day than Valentine's Day to announce that my sweet cousin's fourth generation candy shop in Bakersfield won the Greatest Thing About Bakersfield award through Bakersfield Life Magazine!

Here they are...


Heather (Cook) and Michael Dewar,
with Heather's daughter,
the first of the next generation of Dewar's candy makers!

Happy Valentines Day and Congratulations to you both and to all your employees who make Dewar's such a sweet delicious delight!!!

And Happy Valentines Day to you my dear Bloglandia friends, you sweeten my life so!!!


Photos: Heart shaped yarrow from my faerie god daughter at the heart space of our labyrinth; Heather, Michael, and Katie Rose at Democrat Hot Springs.