Haiku Festival~ My Offering


One, I can not choose
so offer here melodies
of word and image



Steps, one at a time...
this path unfolding here, now...
star flowers open



Yes, petals open
no history, no future
tiny seeds for all time



Warrior rides on
spear lost in the fall of time
love, will bring him home



Meadow, joy blooming
in this city of cement,
the wild calls the heart


Haiku Festival hosted by Tracy of Pink Purl and Elizabeth of About New York. Please visit their sites for more haiku and a list of participants! Thank you Tracy and Elizabeth for the invitation of  tuning our focus of word and image to 5-7-5!

Haiku 1:  Introduction
Haiku 2:  Blue Star Creepers in our backyard labyrinth
Haiku 3:  Buddha and pansies in our backyard garden
Haiku 4:  Antique Mongolian Warrior and horse atop our piano, photo by our dear friend GB
Haiku 5:  Our wild front yard meadow in the heart of the city of Santa Rosa