Pleiades Conjunct The Sun 2009


For the past twelve years, I've joined, from a distance, my dear friend and labyrinth colleague, Marilyn Larson in marking and celebrating this four day period of time, May 16th through May 19th, when the Pleiades are directly overhead and conjunct( next to) the sun during the day.


Marilyn says that it is an "auspicious time of the year, when the feminine and masculine energies, and the union of spirit and matter, are made more conscious to us all." She reminds me each year, "to just show up, pay attention to my dreams, and use this time to come more fully into my path in life."

Marilyn has marked this time of the year since 1988. In 1994 she started doing four day retreats, taking time out of time to do ceremony and honor this portal of Spring. Distance and my busy life have not allowed for me to physically join her, but I do every year in my own way. The symbols, of fire, water, earth, and air, one for each day, are incorporated into my daily labyrinth walks. I will have a post for each of the days, to provide inspiration and a touch stone should you wish to join in your own way.


Marilyn shared the following song with me, singing it to me over the phone. She wrote it in 1989. This year, for the first time in this form, her labyrinth walk will incorporate the symbolism to be found in these words...

Stars singing through me
As I dance around the sun
Stars dancing through me
As I sing around the sun
Stars dreaming through me
As I weave the web of life
Stars weaving through me
As I dream this dance called life
Dancing, weaving, dreaming,
Singing stars around me shine
Beauty does surround me
as I move among the stars
Ancient ones stand with me
As I sing this sacred song…

Let me know what comes to you during this time... what feelings, emotions, thoughts, and dreams visit you? If you would like to find a labyrinth near you, use the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator, or go HERE for instructions for drawing a three or seven-circuit labyrinth, which can be used as a finger labyrinth. True noon (1:00 pm where there is daylight savings) is the most auspicious time of the day.

Photos: 1) The heart-space of our backyard Santa Rosa Labyrinth with stones from the Pacific ocean marking the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, as I like to call them! 2) Marilyn dancing with her shadow at the Walker Art Center & Sculpture Gardens in Minneapolis. 3) Marilyn walking the mowed Chartres labyrinth at the property of labyrinth and meditative space designer William Frost.