Water~Pleiades Conjunct The Sun 2009



Stars singing through me
As I dance around the sun
Stars dancing through me
As I sing around the sun
Stars dreaming through me
As I weave the web of life
Stars weaving through me
As I dream this dance called life
Dancing, weaving, dreaming,
Singing stars around me shine
Beauty does surround me
as I move among the stars
Ancient ones stand with me
As I sing this sacred song...

by Marilyn Larson~1989

Do you thirst for a creative life? Do you flow around obstacles that you encounter in life or get caught  up in the undertow? If you get caught, can you let go and allow the water to carry you once again? What kind of water calls to you? Do you yearn for the ocean, or deep mountain lakes, or rushing streams, or glacial majesty?


Joining, from a distance, my dear friend and labyrinth colleague, Marilyn Larson in marking and celebrating this four day period of time, May 16th through May 19th, when the Pleiades are directly overhead and conjunct( next to) the sun during the day. Click HERE to view the original post about these four days and suggestions for joining in.

Photos: Seven-sister-stars shining up to us in water in the heart-space of our backyard Santa Rosa Labyrinth.