A Wee Woodland Elf

Do you ever wonder...
what would happen if you caught that
little movement,
right there at the corner of your vision???


If time stopped
and you could really see the world
as it is...
beautiful in every shape and color imaginable...

And... if what you thought about reality,
wasn't really real???


I do.
And, sometimes, my imagination takes a photo
and I get to enjoy endless possibilities...

This wee fellow was begun over two years ago... but while recently visiting my dear friend Mo'a, I was inspired by one of her incredible creations, entitled "The Awakening"... so much so, that my ears unclogged from the din of the fastness of life, and I could hear this little woodland elf whisper that he wanted to come fully into form and go and live with my dear friend Elizabeth... so ready was he, that he traveled all the way into the big city on the bay and presented himself to her on her birthday...