Lemonade Break


Life is so full and good...

These slow hot days are calling me...

sitting... dreaming... sipping lemonade...
work and projects waiting for my attention...
so... I'm listening...
That means that I'm taking a break from blogging for awhile...
Until I return... join me in a glass of lemonade...
and if visiting for the first time, enjoy some of the past posts
in categories of your pleasure!


Summer Lemonade
Made with Agave, Mint, & Edible Flowers

The ingredients below are an approximation... I tend to do these kind of recipes by taste...

-8 to 10 lemons squeezed into juice.
- 1/4 to 1/3 Cup of Agave Nectar.
-1 Cup of water to add to Agave Nectar to make a sweet syrup.
-2 quarts of water for first pitcher, additional 2 quarts for second pitcher.
-1/4 Cup of pesticide free- mint leaves, nasturtiums, lavender buds, rose petals, honeysuckle, salvia, and other known edible flowers.
Edible Flower List

5.) Juice the lemons as thoroughly as you can.
2.) Stir agave and 1 Cup of water until diluted, add to lemon juice.
3.) Add HALF of this mixture to a quart pitcher
3.) Add 1 quart of water to pitcher and more to taste (I like my lemonade light on sweetness and lemons, allowing the flavor of the flowers to really come forward).
4.) Add 1/8 Cup of mint and flowers to each 2 quart pitcher.
5.) Refrigerate at least an hour (also refrigerate the extra lemon juice with agave syrup or make up another pitcher, as one pitcher doesn't last long!).
6.) Serve over ice and enjoy!!!