Winter Solstice 2009

these nights

of Winter...
Rain dancing in the shadows
lit by stars of wonder,
this light born anew...
a seed in my heart,
by this deep rest,
when all is silent,
all is holy,
all is possible...
from dreams of slumber
and live this gift of life,
this path of twists and turns unknown...
Be the sound that is you...
a precious spark
singing into the coming dawn...
The following link will take you to the YouTube recording of the "Golden Ratio OM in the King's chamber of Great Pyramid" this was recorded by Patrick Flanagan at 7.8 HTZ,  which is believed by many to be a perfect vibration for balance and wellbeing.

Global Om

Solstice Light in the heart space of our Santa Rosa Labyrinth. Global Om link sent from Meryl Ann Butler.