Cooper, Indigo, & The Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation

Cooper Fox's
Pre-Valentines Day Jewelry Sale

Medical Expense Fund Raiser
for Indigo Crone
at the Santa Rosa Labyrinth
Foundation Studio

Saturday February 6, 2010
11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
SRLF Studio
201 D Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(upstairs between Peets Coffee & 3rd Street Parking)

I've known Cooper Fox all of his nine years.

He's an amazing little guy
and quite the entrepreneur,
when he's not playing soccer or basketball,
with his walnut and pumpkin business in the Fall...
Lately he's delved into making jewelry
and he is quite good...
 I have two pair...
so far...


Here's Cooper at work...


making something beautiful for someone to wear...


Over the holidays, I saw Cooper and his mom and dad, and asked him if he would like to have a show at my new studio... After asking permission from his parents, he said a hearty "yes"!!!!

Here is a sample of some of his earrings...


Part of setting up the finer details for a show and sale was for Cooper to pick a charity or fund to donate 10% of all sales. He called me after our meeting and asked what I thought of making a donation to another neighbor and dearest of friends' Indigo Crone.


Indigo has an inoperable cervical cancer tumor. She has been valiant in doing everything possible to bring healing to herself... as you can imagine the expenses are enormous. Cooper and I are honored to be of some help to her and her husband David. There is actually a large fund raiser happening at Santa Rosa's Community Market & Gaia's Garden Restaurant (with live music provided by friends of Indigo's at the restaurant) on Friday, January 15th. Portions of sales from both places will go to Indigo's Medical Expense Fund.

Donations can be made directly
at any Redwood Credit Union site
Indigo Crone
Account # 335055
or mailed to
Redwood Credit Union
P.O.Box 95406
Santa Rosa, CA 95406