A New Santa Rosa Labyrinth in Santa Rosa!


This past Monday, March 15th...

marked thirteen years since I made the first
Santa Rosa Labyrinth on paper

Guy Kovner wrote a great article for our local
Press Democrat
about this installation...


which includes a still shot video in one minute, 35 seconds
of the entire process by PD
Photographer Christopher Chung.


I could not have asked for a better celebration than to assist Reverend Kimberly Willis, Glo Wellman, and other members of the Christ Church United Methodist to paint their new labyrinth in the inner courtyard of their Santa Rosa church complex and grounds...

It took us about five hours,
from start to finish,
to lay out the thirty-one foot diameter labyrinth
with chalk and chain...


and then paint the elegant teal circuits...


and vibrant purple interlocking circles
at the center of the labyrinth...

<a href="http://lealabyrinth.typepad.com/.a/6a00d834515eeb69e201310faea323970c-popup" onclick="window.open( this.href, '_blank',
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a new path emerged...
for feet to walk and eyes to contemplate...

I did get to power wash a few areas...

where a few foot prints
and drips of paint escaped in abundant enthusiasm
for a job well done...

and then the path was clear and ready
beneath the warm late Winter afternoon sun...


This beautiful labyrinth is a gift and open to the community at 1717 Yulupa Avenue, on the SW corner of Yulupa and Hoen Avenues, just a block South of Whole Foods Market. While visiting the labyrinth, take a meander through the church's beautiful community garden which feeds over 90 families in Santa Rosa.

Thank you members of Christ Church, Pastor Kimberly, Glo, Chlele, Anne, Joann, and Gayle for having me assist you all in creating this beautiful space that will touch the church members and larger surrounding community for years to come!

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