Sand & Water


I am thinking
of sand and water
and how this quiet descends
down and around me from all directions…
I’m thinking
of this ebb and flow,
this place of not knowing,
this immense and vast spaciousness inside me
that is moving
and still,
all at the same time…
I am thinking of you…
how you walked
through my dreams last night
and crossed the years
so that my fingers tremble a bit as I write
of this sometimes terrifying beauty
tumbling me over and over
like the waves taking my offering in the sand,
taking my footprints,
taking my facade,
showing me the one inside,
where I fall in love again and again
as I stumble
down this well worn path
that has never seen the light of day…
I am thinking

that this whisper of a prayer is enough…
this sand and water slipping through my fingers...
my song to this moment…
opening to this morning discovery,
this window into life…


The inspiration for this poem came this morning when I found these beautiful ©pictures from labyrinther Denny Dyke of of Sacred Journeys in my inbox. Denny created this beautiful Santa Rosa Labyrinth in the sand on the Pacific Coast. Denny calls them... "Circles in the Sand."