Dream Books

I began the dismantling
of Milt's books from his home office...


Last night,
I dream that I’m standing in Milt’s office
with Gerry and with Milt.


I’m showing them
the unusual books that I found,
and I’m so glad Milt is there
to explain some of them to us.


Milt hands me a bundle of hand-written notes,
in my handwriting...


They were from a newsletter,
years before,
about the labyrinth and the heart...


I remind him that he had promised
to get them published for me...


I place them
with the other special books that I found...

We go into the kitchen,
Orin is there
and Gerry looks at me,
with that look that knows...
as he peels back a torpedo onion...
The look that only friends can share
when they have so much history together...
as they turn the page
and close the chapters of a book...

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