Where Those Books Went...

all of Milt's office books
have found a new home...


How pleased I was to hear back from Dr. Alicia Boccellari,
Director at the Division of Psychosocial Medicine Department
of Psychiatry at San Francisco General Hospital
and UCSF School of Medicine.


Thirty-three boxes of Milt's books
will find their place on their neuropsychology shelves
and with the post-docs
who go through the neuropsych program


On Thursday, Nancy, who was Milt's office manager,
and who is now my office manager,
along with her husband Cliff,
packed all the boxes that had been transitioned
into our basement while waiting to find out
just where they would go,
into the back of their pickup
for the journey down to San Francisco
and UCSF & SFGH's Trauma Center...


Cliff and Nancy made sure they would be secure...


for the dash between Santa Rosa
and San Francisco between the March rain clouds...


Jessica, Lazaro, and Liana at the SFGH Trauma Center
greeted us warmly and helped us bring in all the books
where they will stay until sorted,
finding their way to new bookshelves
and brilliant minds to delve into them...


You see...
Milt felt that being able to be an organ donor
was a very important priveledge...
he had one of those organ donor dots
on his driver's license for as long as I knew him...
because of his cancer,
he could not be a donor, so this giving of his books
was the next best thing...

Our dear friend and colleague Paula Solomon, Ph.D.
said this when she found out where Milt's books were going...

"The sharing of Milt’s wealth
of psychology materials is contributing to others
beyond his life time.  In my mind
it’s even better than organ donation."


How right you are Paula.
And this new home for Milt's books
has made me very happy.

And, even better...
I know that Milt would be extremely pleased...

My deepest heart-felt thanks
to all who helped me to make this donation possible...

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