Oh Rain...


Each little drop...
could you please carry my love
to those whose world is no more???


To all
the people,

animals, birds,
and critters of the sea
sit on the edge
of destruction
from your molecules gathering
in such a force
that all life transforms
in a mere instant???


Could you please
take their tears
and add them to the seas
and the clouds
and the rivers
and the veins of our bodies
where we breathe as one???


Please rain,
be gentle with their hearts...
and ease their suffering,
holding them
in life
as they let go in death...


Bless my steps
sweet rain...
so that I walk more fully
into life
carrying their song
in my heart...

Pictures from my garden flowers and labyrinth catching the rain on this rainy day in Santa Rosa, California... sending my love to all affected by the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.

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