March 20th ~ Worldwide Circle of Labyrinths for Japan

This Sunday,
March 20, 2011
on the Spring Equinox...


people around the world will be walking labyrinths
to remember the people of Japan
and all of our planet affected by
the earthquakes and tsunami...


If you can,
walk a labyrinth near you
with the intention of connecting with others
and offering our prayers and open hearts...
You can find a labyrinth near you through the
Worldwide Labyrinth Locator

If you do not have a labyrinth to walk,
you can make a finger labyrinth,
or draw one in the sand,
or near a stream or pond...


For more information on labyrinths,
how to make them and ideas
for how to use them in connection with water
you can visit the Worldwide Circle of Water Labyrinths
created for the 2004-2005
Indian Ocean Tsunami