Discovering the Labyrinth 10/15/11

One of my favorite things...
is to have the opportunity to
guide others in a journey of discovery...


First teaching them how to
draw the labyrinth on paper...


Then having them place that design on the ground,
with their own hands,
and then watching them take
that first step,
into their creation...


is amazing...


Each participants' labyrinth
became a living piece of art...


connecting them with the land
beneath their feet,
and the world around them
in a whole new way...


and... at the end of our time together,
we made a labyrinth large enough
for everyone to walk together...


I love this work
of my heart...


Pictures from the Leadership Retreat that I led for a group of ten beautiful souls from Los Angeles at the incredible property and home of the hosts in the West part of Sonoma County on a beautiful October day.

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