Elizabeth Ann Harris 1950 to 2011


My stepson Orin,
his mother
passed away at noon
this Tuesday, November 8th...

She was
a beautiful soul who I loved as a sister...

In only a year...
Orin has lost both his parents,
and I have lost another person
who I loved so dearly...

I wrote this poem for her back in August
for Elizabeth loved lemons,
she delighted in so many things...

This is just a snippet of the radient being
that she was,
dancing on this earth...

orbs of sunshine,
slices of tart juiciness
arrayed around your dinner plate
on the table of our feasts
where our love is the main course,
regardless of what holiday or birth day
or moment of occasion that brings our dwindling
table guests to gather…
Laughter always present,
no matter where that table sits
or who remembers
the puckering wedges that
add just the right amount of pizazz
to that bite so sweet…
budding, then flowering,
rounding with the moon and setting sun,
like the glow
of your sweet smile
that always warms my heart
and takes my hand
into your own,
this delicious mystery
of time out of time
held in the seeds of
brilliant yellow
that is you...

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