The Second Holy Night ~ The Gift of Voice


I woke this morning… with thoughts of how you helped me find my voice. There was so much love between and around us that you put up with the initial disconnect from my heart as I struggled to find the words that matched what I wanted to say, what I was feeling but could not express. It wasn’t always easy… navigating the gap between the formless and form that led to so many misunderstandings between us… remember how mad I would get when you got mad… hearing my words that did not convey what I meant to say? But you stuck with me, and before you left I no longer became furious when what I said didn’t match what I was feeling. I learned to say it again, and again, until you heard me… like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, I found the words that fit… somewhat like listening for the right pitch in a note of song… dear, dear man… I so miss the rumbling timber of your voice… and our conversations and the way you told me how you loved me… you said it in so many ways… the depth of your words and sweet heart still echo throughout my entire being…

Usually… my blog posts center around an image, which is my first language. But not tonight in honor of the words that give me voice. Throughout our years together, Milt introduced me to many things that broadened my world and my vocabulary… like computers, flying, and his love of Leonard Cohen who also resonated with me and I found myself speechless and actually unable to write for a long time afterwards when in his presence… so moved was I by the profound simplicity of his words… I share with you here, my favorite Leonard Cohen song from the tour that Milt and I saw in November of 2009.

If It Be Your Will


This post was inspired by Lynn Jericho's Eighth Year of Inner Christmas ~The Twelve Gifts. This is my offering for the second gift ~ the gift of voice