The Eleventh Holy Night ~ The Gift of Music

If you were a musical instrument 

what would you be?


I would be a piano.

heavy upon the earth

with stout legs

carved and grand…

My music
would emerge from somewhere 

between the black and white keys... 

stirring the soul
to depths and heights of beauty…


back and forth
with fingers dancing in the well worn places

of masters long before
pulling threads of magic
from the singing spheres of the cosmos,
soft and delicate,
loud and chaotic, melding
into a crescendo
of awe…


Our Standing Baby Grand was made in New York in 1873. It was created upright and square so it could easily fit into a cargo box and sail around the Horn of South America to its new home in San Francisco. Oh the stories these keys could sing...

This post was inspired by Lynn Jericho's Eighth Year of Inner Christmas ~The Twelve Gifts. This is my offering for the eleventh gift ~ the gift of music.