Boxes & Circles

I want things in boxes.

Neat and tidy
boxes within boxes within boxes,
something to contain
all of this chaos that threatens
to flood and overwhelm,
taking me down,
down, down into myself
as I let go of the edge…

upside down and inside out,
these boxes could hold it all
neatly stacked,
tucked inside each other…

Or circles,
circles upon circles,
concentric and perfect
in geometrical precision
carefully laid out,
always holding orbit
so the boxes stay within the pull
of gravity down,
down, down, to kiss the earth
and the fingers of the tramp
who whittled this wood so I could open the lid
and caress the red velvet material inside

and tuck myself away,
a treasure waiting for the day
that someone else opens the lid,
takes me out,
and says,
these are the gems I’ve been looking for…

"Tramp Box Art"
made during the great depression in the South of the US
from "Conway Of Asia" Antiquities
in Carmel-by-the Sea, California.

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