from a long ago note passed between us,
found me this morning
letting me know that you had slipped
away with grace and beauty…
The petals of your vibrant self,
softly, gently,
like the musical lilt of your sweet voice,
folded into the mystery
and I found myself
wishing for one more conversation
of books loved,
of seedlings,
and how you would coax the blooms
of your far North Winter garden
into life…
I wished for one more second with you,
to hold you selfishly in my gaze
and marvel
at how the wind could not blow out your strong flame…
Only you
could carry it into the dark unknown,
lighting the way
for me, for those who will miss you tenderly,
until we step through and over,
meeting once again in the very heart
of our enduring friendship…

For Barbara Mason