Spring Equinox ~ 2012

The Greeks tell the story of Daphne
and her flight to escape from Apollo,
who has been pierced by an arrow of Eros...
Daphne begs the Gods for help
and their response is to turn her into the Laurel tree...

But what if... this Spring,
Daphne wakes as if from a long sleep,
reaching her majestic branches
to the even balance of day and night,
stretching as her limbs begin to morph
back into the body of a nymph,
guardian of the trees,
beauty kissed by the sun and moon
on this equinox day...

This is one of my favorite sculptures
by local artist Ron Rodgers,
purchased by the City of Santa Rosa
in the Spring of 2007.

Wake Daphne...
we need your beauty
to dance amongst our concrete city
and wake us from our sleep...

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