haiku my heart ~ Between the Lines

This breath… a given,
a miracle forgotten,
in-between the lines…

My Friday haiku had turned into Sunday…
People often ask how I am,

how I am doing…

Fine, I reply.

I’m OK, I say.

But the truth is

that it is a miracle that I get up each day,
dress myself,

and take my dogs for walks…
It is a miracle
that I pay my bills, the mortgage,
that I have a mortgage,
and that there is food in my fridge,
although Milt would tell you,
if he were here,
that I am definitely not a "self-preservation" type on the Enneagram…
So when I have the opportunity to make a labyrinth for someone, one of my favorite things is to mock the design out first in rope. This gives me a sense of the design I’m using and becomes my drawing pad on the ground where my inspiration comes for tweaking and changing and coming up with ideas unique to the installation. It is the place between the lines where I find my breath… this miracle of being…

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