haiku my heart ~ Treasures

Magazine cover
holds inside treasures waiting,
for your discovery...

I am delighted to introduce you to artist Marit Barentsen of the Netherlands who shares her amazing art and writing through her blog and website Marit's Blog. Marit is "Editor In Chief" and is holding in her hands the newly published first edition art journaling and mixed media magazine that is now available through the Featuring Magazine wesite.

It is because of the beautiful interweaving circles of poets on haiku my heart Fridays that I met Marit. She asked me to contribute an article on labyrinths and I did! You will find my article, Stepping into the Labyrinth, within these pages...

And... in just two weeks from this Saturday...
I will have the opportunity to meet Marit in person at the Rotterdam Museum, Netherlands along with my dear friends Jeff and Kimberly Saward, as Jeff will be speaking on labyrinths during the TLS World Wide Labyrinth Day!

These interlocking circles are treasures indeed,
and it is a joy to share them with you!

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