haiku my heart ~ Stardust

Wonder-made Star-dust
You and me, bound to this earth,
Shining… day and night.


The fireworks for me this Fourth of July...
was the announcement from CERN, Switzerland
of the discovery of evidence of the Higgs Boson particle.

This is where my step-son, Orin
has been working on his dissertation in physics
and as a part of the ATLAS team doing the research
that contributed to this amazing announcement...

Five years ago,
Orin's father
(my late husband Milton)

and I
got to travel to CERN
and visit Orin who took us into the large hangers...

where the magnets were being built...

before they were lowered into the ground
to the seventeen mile-wide circle that runs beneath
Switzerland and France
where the collision of particles take place...

Within the Dome of Science and Innovations
on the grounds of CERN,
I found this profound explanation
of what we are made of,
this quest to understand what creates matter
and why our world,
and each of us are here...

For we are stardust...
and as Joni Mitchell sang forty-three years ago...
"we are golden,
and we have to get ourselves back to the garden..."

this is the first step back into paradise,
this discovery that completes
the last piece of the Standard Model
for physics as it is understood today...


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