Spiraling Labyrinth

I recently had the honor
to consult on a new labyrinth
for a lovely woman in the Napa Valley.

Her property is amazing...
She has created all of these paths
and spaces for meditation and reflection...

In this particular garden,
she has been desiring a labyrinth...
It has two openings,
one from the left...

and one from the right...

So the design that came to me has two entrances
and pulls on the pattern of the Baltic labyrinths found historically
in Scandinavia, Northern Germany,
but primarily around the shorelines of the Baltic Sea.

First, I laid out the path with rope...

I then went back in and laid down the lines...

The rope will be covered with simple field stone,
with the existing gravel and pine needles
from the surrounding trees
for the path...

This spiraling labyrinth
will be a joy for all who walk
and spend time in this beautiful space...


Update: My labyrinth friend and colleague
Erwin Reißmann of Blog My Maze
is curious about the actual design...
So here is a very rough
pen on paper of the design.
In studying it further,
I find that it is actually a three circuit labyrinth
with an additional path into the center,
inspired by the Baltic design.

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