The Art of Remembering...

I feel as if
I have fallen down a rabbit hole...

I finally brought down the boxes
from the closet that hold all my pictures
before digital cameras and computers...

This is where my grandparents now reside,
besides in my heart...
this is where family and friends no longer with us,
and those still with us from younger years,
fade in color, becoming different shades of sepia
until the photographic paper is once again bare...

But the voices,
the laughter, the touches and hugs,
they reside in the cells of my body,
in the marrow of my bones,
in the waves of memories
that wash over and through me,
carrying me a bit further down this fast moving river
that I find myself upon...

I don't yet hear the falls up ahead, Milton...
I know you did,
right now, it is just this movement
that catches in my breath,
and in the beat of my heart
holding this remembering close...


This is my offering this Sunday in October
for Rebecca's 'The Art of Remembering'