I am now,
but a reflection in your eyes…

I see you in every nook and cranny of Mexico,
it is as if you have become this land,
this place of your heart,
giving birth to the memory of you,
a love that is in the tiny hand of the beggar woman
outside the white church,
in the dancing la calacas,
in the mosaic tiles that stretch for miles
through parched land and gnarled trees
singing songs of sorrow
even while the dancers fill the streets
with light and color and joy…

You are in this glass of mezcal,
in the tortilla from the roadside fire,
kindled like your passion for simplicity
that was oh so complex…
Like the dreams of you that wake me each
night with a hunger and thirst that can not be met…
In the hot waters of La Gruta,
where mariposas and tiny winged jewels
stich these memories of you
forever into my heart…

In San Miguel de Allende Mexico