haiku my heart ~ The Flutter of Wings

The beauty of earth
wraps around my heart and soul…
Butterfly takes wing.


I am so happy to be here this Friday, returning to our haiku circle. I have missed you all and I am eager to visit and see where these past three weeks have taken each of us... Myself, I have been to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with our beloved Rebecca and the most amazing group of people.

This trip marked a significant turning point in my life. I am forever full of appreciation to Rebecca and my dear friends for witnessing and sharing this ancient practice of remembering and honoring our loved ones who have passed on. This was a journey of laughter, discovery, joy, great sorrow, amazement, and most of all... transformation.

Rebecca prepared a feast of all the senses and the opportunity for our imaginations to soar as we learned the deep and complex history and heart of this place, visiting the artisans of this beautiful city and surrounding area. We arrived as curious caterpillars, moving rapidly from plant to plant, village to village, market to store, meal to meal, katarina to la calaca until love enveloped us all and we left as butterflies in flight, transformed by the beauty of each other and all that surrounded and held us true to our hearts...

This photo is from the city of Pozos, Mexico.
To learn more about the ritual that we had the honor to participate in while visiting this village, please see my preceding post.

Thank you Rebecca with all my heart,
for having us here,
where such small words
can hold so much meaning and intent.


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