Found Mistletoe

It started
with a desire...

I wanted a sprig of mistletoe,
but this year,
none were to be found...

there are boy scouts and girl scouts
or children from the rural areas with their
baskets of mistletoe for sale
all the holiday season...

I didn't see a one this year.
After the florist at a nearby market
suggested driving around town,
in the pouring rain,
days before Christmas,
and look for some...
I just gave up,
and stepped outside
where right there...
right beside my right foot...
was my sprig of mistletoe...

A bit worn,
but mine.
A dash of red ribbon
strung up in the traditional place in my home,
and my heart
was full and happy...

Here is my wish
to each one of you...
That your heart be full
of love this Season.
However you celebrate
this most auspicious time of the year,
may it be
and full of love...

If you desire...
Show this picture
to a special someone in your life
and kiss them with all your heart...