This Small Movement

Vast patch of gold,
I walk into the brilliant light of myself,
broken beyond repair
dissolving into this imperfection,
this small movement of being human…
We lift your bones and flesh
as an offering,
honoring the way you move
we shift as one,
and slip into the aloneness,
beginning again and again,
one small movement
right there,
where we meet the earth always,
one small movement undulating up my spine
touching the place behind my heart
that is untouchable…
to this light,
this crack in the dark
into this place of not seeing,
not knowing
this place of all possibilities…
listening to where the music
takes us through the threshold
of compassion for the strength
that is not always there,
shining in the hand of other,
the way the body folds in on itself
releasing the music
into this vast field where we dip and sway

with the echo
of this very moment…


Remembering June 2, 1989