Friday Haiku My Heart ~ Morning Ritual

Morning ritual,
memories fill my cracked cup...
one last pull of steam...


I pulled my last cup of coffee
on my late husband's Italian espresso machine.
It is all packed and ready to travel
to its new home with my step-son Orin
as he moves to South Bend, Indiana this weekend.

Many of our friends and family
have had a latte, espresso, or cappuccino

made by Milt
or me.
This was an absolute,
have to have,
every day morning ritual for Milton.

After Milt was gone,
I too became fond of the routine
of grinding my own beans,
and pulling the handle that released the steam and magic
from the aromatic grounds...

But before Milt got sick,
I was actually NOT allowed to touch the machine...
this was Milt's territory!

And when Milt was no longer able
to do this beloved task,
the coffee making mantel...
was passed to me...
however, to take over this privilege...
I was required to follow a check list!

But soon I became quite adept
at my home-barista skills.
And I must say...
that after a time,
I steamed a better head of foam than Milt!

Oh how I wish I could tell him that!

It was a little hard
to let this machine go...

but the reality is,
that I do not drink coffee like I used to...
my juicer and vitamix have become
my morning ritual...

And this machine and morning ritual,
so cherished by Milt,
is all ready to be with Orin
and it is time for me...
to let it go.


To my haiku circle... I have missed you all. I am going to do my best to be a part of our circle again... I may not always be able to visit or comment, but want to continue to participate as best I can with such an amazing group of writers and lovers of life. Thank you Rebecca for holding open the door for these small words and for the gift of your love and amazing heart...


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