haiku my heart ~ Joy Switch

Colors of the world,
smiles lighting up the sky,
flip this switch of joy…


Here is another story of lights...
they seem to be around me
a lot these days...
and I welcome their warm joy into my life,
which lately has held so much sadness...

A lot of people
are struggling with immeasurable hardships...
and to have the opportunity to bring some joy to another,
like my dear friend and neighbor Alice,
who has given of her heart to so many...
brings me such delight...

So I share this Friday heart haiku
in the hopes that it brings a smile to your face
and another light idea of inspiration.

These multi-colored LED lights
are solar powered,
and were placed with great care
into each colored bottle of the iron tree
that holds them...

a rainbow tree
for Alice to enjoy day and night!


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