Veradale United Church of Christ's Labyrinth

photo by Pastor Roger Lynn

I recently had correspondence from one of my labyrinth colleagues
Warren Lynn whose brother is the transitional pastor
at Veradale United Church of Christ
in Spokane, Washington.

Pastor Roger Lynn discovered that there is a labyrinth
sleeping beneath the grass on the church property.
Some investigation revealed that it was an Eagle Scout project
from years before
and a Santa Rosa Labyrinth design.

So a number of people from the congregation
have begun the restoration of their sleeping labyrinth.
They are
using serrated kitchen knives
and trowels to carve out the grass,
revealing the underling bricks and pattern.

It takes quite a bit of elbow-grease to keep up
a brick and sod labyrinth...

The above photo was taken by Pastor Lynn.
I look forward to posting more pictures
of this labyrinth
once again taking shape
so that people can come
and walk and enjoy
the winding path
to the center...

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