haiku my heart ~ Joe Spadoman & the Twelve Days With Mary

This circle of peace
reaching all four directions.
Above. Below. You.


To know Joe
was to ride the wind...
Humor, depth,
a heart so huge,
that it reached far and wide,
touching all who came to know this
amazing man...

He loved life,
his beloved wife and family,
and his friends far and wide.
He was a seeker,
a teacher, storyteller, peacemaker,
the world from all directions...

Last night...
I was driving a group of people home
from a meeting.
I passed a shrine on the side of the road,
and to the surprise of my passengers,
I turned the car around
and went back...
Joe would have done this.
He would take the time to look,
and tell a story of what he saw and found...

So this post is for you Joe,
this rose of Mary
is for you...

Your voice
and spoken word
will forever circle our hearts,
showing us
the path home...

Peace to you Joe,
you are a bright star
of love
with us always...


Come celebrate these twelve special days
of honoring the sacred mother,
of loving Lupita,
and honoring our Friday Haiku my heart
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