A Virgin A Day ~ Twelve Days With Mary ~ Day 11

Oh days grown dark...
Fill our hearts
with fertile hope
for the return of the light,
for peace
and love to birth within us,
each and everyone...


This picture was taken
during my time in San Miquel de Allende
in October and November of 2013
while traveling with Rebecca
and the other pilgrims.

I will never forget the feeling
when I walked into this room
in the gallery of the amazing paper artist
Adolfo Falcón Garza.
These beautiful life-size paper maché figures
made real for me the meaning of the feminine
in us all and all possibilities,
especially the birth
of the light...


Come celebrate these twelve special days
of honoring the sacred mother,
of loving Lupita,
by visiting Rebecca and others
at recuerda mi corazon