A Virgin A Day ~ Twelve Days With Mary ~ Day 12


Thank you for the beauty
you shine...
on us each
and everyone...

Thank you for watching
over these baby steps
of stepping into the world,
each day new...

Thank you for compassion,
and your surrendering heart...

Thank you for the hope
you inspire...
defying all odds
the impossible becomes possible...

Thank you for showing
your self
again and again and again
to the world...


Today is the feast day
of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

This small statue is a part of my sandtray collection
at my office
and today moved into the mandala of sand
to watch over a baby Ganesh
stepping out into the world
for the very first time...

These twelve days have been precious
beyond my imagination.
Thank you for sharing them with me.

Wishing you
all the best for this season of the birth of light
and the new year to come...


Come celebrate these twelve special days
of honoring the sacred mother,
of loving Lupita,
by visiting Rebecca and others
at recuerda mi corazon